Spring in Japanese Style with French Touch

    Hello Dear Readers.
    Despite the fact that today's manicure is made in the Japanese style it was inspired by sheer and beautiful Color Club - French Kiss Collection that i recently got.
    I dont even know how i came up with the idea, i am generally not so good at drawing sakura.
    However i like the result, and i am so impressed by the new polishes.
    I actually looked up online how to spell "SPRING" in Japanese language. It is represented by several characters so decided just to pick one that i liked the most.
    Of course, i did not manage to make exact spelling, so i woudl say that my drawing is just inspired by this character -the last one.
    Spring: Haru, はる, 春
    And if any of you know some Japanese, please dont pay attention to the character i added in photo shop, it is just random character and i have no idea what it means, i just got the picture from internet. Hope it does not say anythign bad :)

    This is right hand

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Spring in Japanese Style with French Touch

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